Day 5 in SG and last SG post. :)

My everyday bathing time runs for around 10 minutes and being room mates with Sheela, it was an advantage. With three of us sharing one bathroom, it was either Shee and I who goes first. On our last day in Singapore, we all woke up late and Shee managed to get in the shower before I did. It took her nearly an hour (as she always do) to finish, and it only took me around 10 minutes to be ready.

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.. back. I actually have packed all my bags the night before. I am proud to say that I’m quite an efficient packer. I astonish most of my friends with all the stuff I can fit in a small bag. I rarely lose anything too, since I re-pack my stuff every single time I change clothes.

After checking out, we left our luggage somewhere and decided to have one last round of shopping within Bugis.

I didn’t get to spend much time in Bugis, so I must get my ass back there to explore! We went to Little Red Dot, which is similar to Divisoria but with slightly cheaper clothing. However, if you’re Pinoy and frequents Divisoria, accessories are very much cheaper in Divisoria.

After shopping, I met up with my dad and we had lunch in Bugis Junction. My dad is the bald man in the gray shirt.

After lunch, we went around. I like window shopping with my dad due to the fact that it turns to actual shopping, and I didn’t have to spend any money at that!

When I went back to where I left my luggage, most of my friends were already there and waiting for the bus. It was raining when the tour bus came, so we had to run with our luggage. Since my bag didn’t have wheels in it, I had a really hard time running in the rain. Fortunately, Brian saw me and ran to get my baggage. Thanks Brian!

I didn’t get to buy from Giordano! They were having 15 SGD for 2 I <3 SG shirts, and 30 SGD for 2 collared shirts. I would have bought my brother every color if I had known. Haha!

While we were queuing to check in at Changi Budget Terminal, Guia realized that she has excess baggage. Thank goodness my luggage was only around 10 KG while my hand carry was 8 KG. I gave all my extra luggage space to Guia who exceeded the 15 KG baggage limit with 29 KG. Haha!

Room mates!

Our thesis group minus one member.

I got the window seat and was seated beside Brian. We watched Sucker Punch throughout the flight.

Cramped leg space since I can’t put the paper bag in the overhead compartment.

I didn’t get to sleep throughout the flight as aside from watching a boring movie (Sucker Punch), it was also due to the turbulence and we had our seat belts on almost the whole flight.

I wasn’t able to take a non-blurry photo but here’s an aerial view of the country at night.

C was the one who waited for me at the airport. I know I love Singapore and enjoyed every minute I was there. But Philippines is.. home. And home is where my heart is. :)

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