Sniculoos Cupcakes (Speculoos Cupcakes with Snickers filling topped with Speculoos Butter Cream and a piece of Snickers)

And I’m back with another baking related post which I know you guys all love (because if you don’t, I would have to wonder why you still follow my blog as baking has taken over MOST of my life haha).

I never really sell Sniculoos cupcakes as I’m not a huge fan of the spread myself. However, I remember making a Snicker-y (not an adjective but stay with me on this) treat for C a few years back which he loved. Dad loves this spread though and we have it in a variation of flavors at home.

I thought that the flavor might complement Snickers instead of Caramel so I went on with that hunch. Hihi

There were a lot of taste test that went on with the batter because I was stubborn and did not go on Google to search for Speculoos cupcake recipes. I did go to Google for this e-card though..

I really want to buy a new cupcake pan. I only have four at home and it’s such a hassle when I’m baking by bulk (TMI, anyone?).

There were some texture issues though as you can see. I have fixed the recipe already as of writing, but for C’s birthday, it had to do because I was making this a few hours before we were supposed to meet up. Sigh.

Snickers party!

Good thing said issue was concentrated in the middle of the cupcakes as I placed a hole in the middle to put the Snickers in. The ones I’m selling though, I bake the Snickers directly inside. :)

And have I mentioned how my mixer broke down? Hand mixing frosting is one of the best arm workouts, I tell you.

My favorite part about making cupcakes/cakes or anything that needs something piped is.. yes, piping the frosting. Not eating, not mixing, not making fondant. Just piping frosting. :)

Since I cannot give any of you a cupcake, indulge yourself with the photos of the finished product below. Mehehehe

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Blogging from my phone today because our internet connection at home sucks. Fortunately, my data plan holds and I can still browse using my phone. :D

These are photos from a few weeks back when C and I attended one of the events his mom was hosting. All C told me was I did not have to wear anything grand, just a dress would do and I don’t even have to wear heels! Yay, right?

Wrong!! Good thing I had this impulse buy from Zara - a certain little black dress that had this nice back detail and I got for half its’ original price due to the end of season sale. I had my hair done at Blowout Bar Manila (clearly my choice of hair stylist) and my face done by a MUA, Nica Serania. :)

One of the best things ever was knocking C’s socks off when I got out of the cab in front of their office (where we agreed to meet up). C literally needed a moment to absorb how I looked (and I was still wearing an oversized cardigan at that point) and went “wow”. I swear, I felt like the protagonist in a chick flick. Hahaha!

Off we went to Midas Hotel (got stuck in heavy traffic for more than an hour because it was raining so hard) and the moment we stepped in the venue, I thanked myself for taking the time to get dolled up and wearing heels because the guests were IN LONG DRESSES (or cocktail dresses). Apparently, all the guests are (past and current) presidents from one of his mom’s organizations.

C brought along his sports coat (although nowadays he usually is in one, really) and my LBD saved the day, so we did not look underdressed at all. I think my messy updo also made me look more formal, and my professionally applied makeup did not wear off while we made rounds (being introduced to everyone).

Later that night, I removed the pins holding my hair up as C reluctantly asked me to dance (we have never slow danced in public - in private, we have amazing dance parties) to the prodding of one of his mom’s friends. Overall, it was a fun night! I’d do it again if I ever get invited next year but I probably will not listen to C when he tells me “just wear a dress, babe”. Hahaha!


Cupcake Giveaway by Teesh-oh

What is diet? I joined a lot of giveaways back then, but this is actually the first time that i won, besides this one is something bizarre, because cupcakes!!! I entered the giveaway a month ago, and deep inside my heart, I really wanted to win because I have seen so many cupcake posts of Ate Teesh; furthermore, everything looks oh-so delicious and lovely! 

When she messaged me that I was actually one of the winners of her giveaway, I was so happy, and at the same time thrilled about it. We agreed to have a meet-up last weekend. On the post, she mentioned that she will be giving away 6 cupcakes for each winner, but she actually gave me one dozen of cupcakes!! 

To Ate Teesh, thank you so much for the cupcakes! You have no idea how much I always look forward to your baking and travel posts. Anyways, she also has a cupcake shop, guys. Follow @thecupcakeengineer on Instagram.

Currently munching on these cutie cupcakes, so I will be needing to end this post already. Ciao!!!

Thank you Dane. :)

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