..and I do not even have the energy to elaborate.

(Well, maybe a little energy)

To summarize the past two months, it has been:

Work. More work. Drowning in deadlines.


Waking up at 5 AM, leaving the house by 6 AM, arriving at the office by 9 AM. And leaving at around 11 PM. Getting home by 12:30 AM and sleeping by 1 AM. Repeat cycle. 6 days a week. I swear, I sometimes think about burning the office down but I know it will only have me working from home (which is more hassle), so never mind.


Mom’s confinement in the hospital (again). The day mom was confined, I still went to the office to work for 5 more hours after the 3-hour travel from the hospital to Makati. I swear, I just want this project to be over (out of the 3 projects I have remaining yay!) so I can actually attend to my sick mother in the hospital.

And gaining weight due to all the crazy stress eating.


On a more serious note though, I have seriously contemplated on things I never thought I would think about doing. I am just drained and exhausted. Not having the freedom to take care of my mom is honestly the biggest reason why I have come to despise going to work. I am grateful to have a job in this day and age, but it makes me feel like I failed in what truly mattered in life. I never imagined that I will ever come to a point where I will choose (or else, we will incur breach of contract) work (work not money, because the extra effort is free) I do not even like over my responsibility as a daughter. Ugh. I hate this.

So a friend of mine is an aspiring make up artist. She’s currently studying in MP School of Makeup Artistry and needed a model for the smokey eye session. Of course I gladly obliged when she asked me because - free makeup sesh. Yay! :)

Cupcake Girl Goes Solo: Cebu City 6

Everyone who have gone to this city before me all told me to try the ribs at Casa Verde.

Hence, right after my trip to the Taoist Temple, I headed straight to the IT park to find out why this ribs is so famous! This Cebu trip have had me sipping mango shakes every single day.

Oh, hello there! :) the serving was huge! The ribs is good but not as amazing as the size of the serving (I know that’s an unpopular opinion but whatevs). Also, the staff are pretty accommodating which I loved!

Since my tummy was full, I headed to Banilad Town Center again and started looking for a coffee shop. In my search for a coffee shop, I arrived at this quaint little nail salon inside a swim wear boutique.

The name of the swim wear shop is Cabana and the nail salon is Nail Island. Nice theme, right? :)

I want to bring their chairs home with me!

No additional charge for regular nail polish. Pamper time came just as well, because my nail polish is already chipped. I remembered Ms. O (Olen Juarez-Lim, who did our Professional Presence training) saying that there should only be two states your nails are in: clean and without polish, or with unchipped polish. Mine was neither.

Honestly, it was so relaxing, I fell asleep 3/4 the time I was there.

But then again, all good things come to an end. Before I knew it, I was in the airport at the wee hours of the morning, napping once again in one of the airport chairs (with my arms wrapped around the box of lechon hahaha).

Writing about the last part of my Cebu trip just made me crave traveling solo more. Photo below: includes my newly manicured hands.

If I can’t travel solo, I would rather go with my favorite travel buddy!

I live a privileged life. Aside from having the means to travel quite comfortably (not luxurious, but comfortable), I have been blessed with a supportive life partner. Even though I know that there is nothing C wants more than to be with me (and he worries about me a lot), he never fails to give his 110% support for me.

I cannot help but love this guy.

One of the saddest posts I always have to write are the last ones from a travel series. But looking over to the bright side, there will always be a next one. :)

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