Photo from our Hong Kong trip.

Guess who cannot literally sing to Taylor Swift’s 22 (I shall modify my sidebar description then!)? Yes, I am vain enough to ask a question with an obvious answer, but it’s me! :)

By the time you (whoever you are, dear reader, who is spending your time reading this) read this, I am on a plane (or have just gotten off, either way I will be in transit) going to a local destination (which was something I announced on a post I have already deleted - but thank you for all the advice on where to go and eat!) for my birthday trip. I initially decided on going to Vietnam and Cambodia but the decision was made too late and the air fare prices have become unreasonably high (the cheapest was at US$125 - even with budget airlines). So when I chanced upon a promo flight for a local destination, I booked it within 5 minutes of seeing it (I am obviously in a dark place okay).

If you have been following my blog (and even my personal instagram, @teeshue) for the past month, you would know how off I was feeling. I badly needed an escape from the humdrum everyday life of a working person. I have lost my motivation and it had started to affect the quality of my work (disappointing my colleagues and managers), my relationship with C and my family (because I rant too much) and even my health (hello general anxiety attacks). My sanity is at stake here, so I’m spending 6 days without distractions. I would do it longer (6 months instead of days sound so good) if I had the funds and I didn’t have work commitments.

I hope embarking on my solo trip is going to restore all the positive juju I have been missing.

Watch out where the Cupcake Girl went off to! For the time being, you can read my travel posts here. :)

This year, we celebrate each of our birthdays together for the 6th time! We started dating while he was 18 and I was 17, and boy, did time fly. From college kids who once (emphasis on the once) cut classes to go on a spontaneous trip to Tagaytay (can’t do that now though, because work), fast food dates in between academics and extracurricular activities and saving up for two months so we could go to Manila Ocean Park - to paying bills, shitty working days, ditching fast food dates for restaurants and actually saving up our hard earned money to go on actual trips.. It feels so weird knowing that I have been part of a quarter of C’s life and have transitioned with him from the carefree teenage years to (somewhat more) adult life. It’s a good weird kind of feeling though, because I know I would not mind spending the rest of our birthdays together (..and all that comes with that territory hihi). #KESO

After the baking spree that happened (C’s birthday cupcakes!), I surprised C by going to their home in Laguna. He knew we will be having dinner for his birthday but unaware that I took the whole day off from work. Hihihi. It was raining like crazy on his birthday and I was in a skirt with 2 dozens of cupcakes in one hand and an umbrella in another. I had to call him to pick me up from a waiting shed. He thought I was joking. :D

We were supposed to go out to eat but it was raining really bad that we decided to order from McDonald’s drive thru (C loves his nuggets!) and simply went on a movie marathon at his house. However, we had to leave soon after that since I insisted on making the arrangements for his birthday dinner. We both have not been in a bus together since we last went on a trip (to Pagbilao) and it was nice to actually get to lay my head on his arm while I nap. I rarely get to do that now since when we go out, he’s usually driving. :)

And yes, I brought him to Sofitel’s Spiral - my birthday treat for him! We spent three hours EATING. You read that right! Haha! We usually spend a maximum of an hour and a half inside buffets because we get full easily. For some reason, even after our three hours of throwing both our diets out the window, we didn’t feel that bloated. It must have something to do with the excellent service that brings me tea (and coffee for C) whenever we ran out of it in our table. :)

The Comeback of Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

So another cupcake that made a comeback for C’s birthday are the ones I made also for his birthday back in 2012

I realized I never posted a behind-the-scenes kind of thing for that one, so here goes. I originally got the idea of putting in the cookies inside the cupcake that way from one of my baking idols, Bakerella.

I used my recipe for chocolate cupcakes though and simply added Cream-Os to the equation.

I had some extra batter because the existence of cookies meant you can put a little less batter in each so there.

I had my brother Tristan crush some of the cookies with a mortar and pestle. :P

Mixed in the crushed cookies with the frosting..

I actually practice piping on the scraper before trying it out on the actual cake or cupcake.

But it got a little messy and involved a spoon, so meh.

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